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New Website!

6 Sep

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-06 um 10.52.55We are happy to announce our new website!
We will stop posting on this blog and move our news and projects to our new digital home.


Laugh with us!

29 Jan

Mikael and Roman trying to speak spanish for a video annoucement of a book reading in Madrid. Danger: It’s contagious.
(press CC down right in the video frame for additional english subtitles)

The Decision App

4 Sep


We proudly present: Our decision App –  it helps you speedily analyze complex situations and making the right decisions.

The decision app works like digital wall chart, a flip chart 2.0.You can doodle, draw, scribble. You can use one of the existing templates. Or you can easily draw your own models (for example an x/y matrix).

It is the perfect tool for presentations, meetings and brainstorming sessions.

The Decision App is based on The Decision Book and contains some of the most successful decision-making models from management theory. These models can be used right away as templates to brainstorm, to ponder, to consider, or to weigh options for the required decision. For example the Eisenhower Matrix for time management, the SWOT Analysis for analyzing complex challenges or the Blue Ocean Strategy to chart new opportunities.

Check out our website
Buy it on iTunes Store for iPad/iPhone

Article in ASIABOOKS

27 Apr
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Book Presentation in New York

9 Feb

Mikael and Roman are visiting the Big Apple for the release of their “Decision Book”. You wan’t to join us? RSVP:

Topmodels in the news (German)

20 Oct

Frankfurter Buchmesse

18 Oct

“The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is not young.” At the book fair in Frankfurt, we were lucky to spend some entertaining minutes next to the grand old man of German literature, Harry Rowohlt. Seconds after this image was taken Rowohlt spilled Mikael’s coffee over Roman’s shirt. He will never wash it again.