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Zutaten von Kleinkunst

11 Apr

ktv Thun: Information für Agenturen und Theater sind unter BOOKING

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Eisenhower-Matrix redux

5 Apr
Watch out, we have new IT gear. More high tech charts coming soon.

Watch out, we have new IT gear. More high tech charts coming soon.

Cheese Chart

23 Jan

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Would you like to tweak, adapt, comment or rearrange this chart?

1. Download the Decision App for your iPad and iPhone.
2. Write an e-mail to to get the cheese chart as an open decision-file for your iPad or iPhone
3. Change it, challenge it.



18 Dec
Wovon Mensch und Vogel träumen

Wovon Mensch und Vogel träumen

Our contribution to the art book and exhibition project “Managing Structural Bird Problems”by publishers Holger Heubner, Helmut Kraus, Jürgen Willinghöfer, Nina Reisinger, Ursula Achternkamp. Cover by Julian Montague.

Managing Structural Bird Problems
Kabinett, Akademie Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart
Eröffnung 24. Januar 2013, 20 Uhr

50 Autoren lenken einen ornithologischen Blick auf die Gesellschaft. Das Beobachten und die Beobachtung der Beobachtung wird verknüpft mit dem Thema der Sammlung und der Archivierung von Wissen. Dessen Management, Strukturen und Probleme, sowie der Gedanke am eventuellen Nutzen, diese nicht zu lösen, kommen hier zusammen. Was die Vögel damit zu tun haben, werden wir erfahren, denn deren seismographischer Auftrag ist bekannt – von wem oder was auch immer sie beauftragt sein mögen. Von ihnen können wir lernen oder gewappnet werden – mit diesem Wissen lastet jedenfalls nicht mehr alles allein auf den schmalen Schultern der Vögel. Die Autoren kommen aus den Bereichen der Wissenschaften und des Rechts, aus dem Management, der Architektur, der Planung, des Handwerks und der Künste – insofern lernen wir auch mehr über uns und unsere Methoden, Blickwinkel und was ein Perspektivwechsel bedeuten kann. Eine lauschige Lesetheke lädt ein, sich in dem berstenden Wissen zu Federträgern wie Vögel zu verzetteln und mit einem Vogelbeerschnaps auf die Wertschätzung des Blaukehlchens anzustoßen.

Autoren: Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Alan Worn, Alexander Christie-Miller, Alexander Kluge, Alexander Kühnen & Corinna Bonati & Kerstin Lienemann & Olaf Abbé, Amt für Apokalyptische Aufklärung, Apparatus 22, Arnold-Glas, Asmus Trautsch & Bettina Lehmann, Bart Kempenaers, Bernadette La Hengst & Ton Matton, Bernhard Just & Iris Heynen, Christian Hoffelner, Christian Naumann, Diemut Klärner, Erduan Maliqi, Ergo Phizmiz, Fabienne Radi & das akzént-Dolmetscherteam, Frank Bölter, Franziska Gerstenberg, Frederik Foert, guzo – Roman Tschäppeler & Mikael Krogerus, Gabriele Sturm, Hajo Kobialka, Helwig Brunner, Holger Heubner, Iris Dressler, Joachim Krausse, Jürgen Willinghöfer, Klaus Ruge, Konrad Kirsch, Lisa Vera Schwabe, Lothar Spath, Mareike Maage, Olaf Bach, Olaf Miosga, Oscar Prinsen, Reinhard Klenke, Reinhold Necker, Roberto Yanguas, Rosa Volkmann, Rudi Suchant, Stählemühle – Christoph Keller, Silke Pflüger, Sonja Beeck, Sonja Kübler, Stephan Kammer, Susan Elbin, Thomas Schönlebe, Torsten Blume, UDGB, Ursula Achternkamp, Ursula Armstrong, Ursula Schulze-Dornburg, Verena Hahn, Walter Scheiffele, Werner Nachtigall, Yossi Leshem, Yvonne Roeb.

Watching is the new reading

22 Nov

(Kann man sehen = nice to watch / Muss man sehen = must see! / Lustig = funny / Spannend = thrilling)

There has been an ongoing discussion, wether David Foster Wallace’s „Infinite Just“ or Jonathan Franzen’s „The Corrections“ is the „War and Peace” of the 21st Century. Turns out both lost out to „Mad Men“. No „The Wire“, or, no, wait: „The Killing“. TV-Series are the new novels of the century. No writer can match the prose and style and complexity of the screenwriter. No novel can be as complicted and addictive at the same time as a TV-series.
The model shows what we have been watching lately. Corrections and recommendations are welcome!

(chart published in NZZ and NZZ am Sonntag)

Jumping The Shark

31 Mar

Most of us spend a lot of time asking ourselves if we are doing the ‘right’ thing: Are we wearing the right glasses? Do we hold the right views? Are we living in the right part of town? Have we given our child the right name? Everyone wants to be ‘cool’. But cool is actually hard to define. Once you do it, it isn’t cool anymore. Because this je ne sais quoi often eludes us, we use status symbols to try and emulate it. And we are not just talking about teenage trends – every age-group, every social class has its own status symbols, the mainstream to the same extent as the avant garde.

In the US there is a way of describing the point at which something becomes passé: it’s jumped the shark. The saying was inspired by the TV series Happy Days, specifically an episode in which Fonzie tries to jump over a shark on waterskis. This ridiculous script idea suggested that the scriptwriters were literally losing the plot: they could no longer sustain the show’s success and were resorting to cheap gimmicks in a desperate attempt to retain viewers. Initially applied to the beginning of the end of a TV series, the saying is now used more generally to describe the moment when something loses its freshness and starts to go downhill.
To sum it up: What fun is it being cool if you can’t wear a (sombrero? Calvin & Hobbes)

Christmas Edition: The Greatest Conspiracy Theories

20 Dec

Click to enlarge!

The Greatest Conspiracy Theories

20 Dec

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The movie is better than the book

2 Nov

A great idea to use the Nolan chart for movies and books. Found on this great blog (Mr. Brames Blog).

I would kill to be there!

28 Sep

And the gold medal goes to…

23 Aug

Due to a complex formula not all sports that are fun to play are equally fun to watch. Even the most hard-core free diver would never indulge in a, say, four hour live broadcast of his sport. Meanwhile, it can highly rewarding to watch The Strongest Man in The World Competition, even if the idea of carrying a truck tire is not very appealing. Interestingly enough is soccer, arguably the most popular sport of the world, fun to play, but boring to watch.
We racked our brains to come up with something that is, somewhat, easy to master and fun to watch: sex and dodge ball. Sometimes dancing and boxing, too.

Yhprum´s Law

12 Jan

Why everthing you think you know about Murphy´s Law is wrong.
Finagles ´Law (sort of the pinnacle of the often quoted Murphy’s Law: «Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong») is a refreshing mixture of cruel logic and farfetched claims. It goes something like this:

  1. What we have is not what we need.
  2. What we want is not what we need.
  3. What we need is impossible to get.
  4. You can get hold of this information for a much higher price then you are prepared to pay.

Sounds like something out of your life? But what if Finnagle´s Law got it all wrong? Let´s take a look at Yhprum´s Law (Yhprum = Murphy backwards). It states that everything that can work, will work. Richard Zeckhauser from Harvard noted: “Sometimes systems that should not work, work nevertheless.“

Wether things work or not seems to be up to ourselves. Why do so many of us prefer to point out the mistakes other poeple make instead of simply doing things better? Any fool can critize – and most fools do, as Bejamin Fraklin famously stated. And he was right! We call these people fault-finder. Their sentences usually start like this: „This idea is great, but…“. Kill the but! We suggest the famous appreciate inquiry-method by David Cooperrider that involves concentrating on the strengths of a company or a person rather than on the weaknesses. Next time you give a feedback, don´t say „Yes, but…“. Try: „Yes, and we could also…“. Sounds strange? Give it a try.

Star Wars

12 Jun

So who’s the best? Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Arjen Robben – or Fernando Torres? Here’s a little tool to help you name the best football player in the world during the upcoming World Cup. In this model we’ve listed 9 of our favourite players. They’re all really good. But who is the best?

One axis shows the so called Castrol-Index. It shows statistically how much a player helped his team to score a goal. At the end of every game each player gets a score between 1 and 10, 10 being the best. The x-axis shows what the odds are to win the World Cup. The size of the players name in the graph indicates their market value (e.g. Messi 80 Mio. €, Derdiok 9 Mio. € etc.). More nice-to-know stuff:

(This was written on 11 Juni, we still hope, Drogba and Robben (and Frei) will make the World Cup.)

The Face-it Book

12 Apr

We at 50topmodels cannot stand any more stories about web 2.0, social networks and nexnext-scenarios.
That’s why we were really happy to find this comprehensive explanation for the internet-madness: His work inspired us to draw up our own version of the black hole in the worldwideweb. The model is pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t get it, you must have been on the moon for the last four years. Or off-line. Which is pretty much the same.

It’s time for the gym again!

4 Mar

In The Long Run

20 Feb

Christmas Gift

24 Dec

Mikael Krogerus und Roman Tschäppeler wish you a “Profitable Christmas” and a “Successful New Year”!

For the love and hate of fruits

10 Dec

From our webcomix hero

One must hate grapefruit: untasty AND difficult to eat. No wonder no one takes five a day. This one goes out to Randall Munroe,

Music I used to like

5 Dec

Click on it, if you wanna have this on a Shirt!

Whos quote is this?  “There are two kinds of music – the one you like, the one you don’t like!” Wrong. There’s music you used to like. (found on

Best Venn Diagramm ever

26 Nov

Yeah, it’s old and has been all over different blogs a couple of years ago (found here). But at the moment we are busy with our other blog, So we just resample good stuff for the moment on, ok?

Social Media

18 Nov

We found this on facebook. Indeed. (buy on

Best Movies Ever

21 Sep

Found on Firewire ( Helpful for your next visit to Blockbuster.

Click to enlarge (link)

Click to enlarge (link)

Internet Distraction

21 Sep

Since we have a new book out we are waisting our time with a new blog. But we promise at least two posts a month. Here’s a nice chart – seen on Rene Fischer’s Blog Streaming Minds. (Original: David McCandless,

Click on image to enlarge (link)

Click on image to enlarge (link)

Shark watching vs. shark touching

10 Aug

If you still don’t know what to do in your last week of vacation this summer we have some ultimate last-minute-holiday-trip-ideas fo you:

shark sushi eating in Capetown

shark sushi eating in Capetown

My New BFF

24 Jul

A couple of days ago I was cleaning up my appartement. I mean REALLY clean it, not just on the surface like our cleaning lady does (our cleaning lady is a man in fact). I loved the feeling of this kind of purification. So I went on to the archive of my existence, my green wooden treasure trunk. That’s where I keep my diaries, old pictures (yes, prints!), notes and slips from teenage years and backstage passes from concert I can’t remember. Going through all these memories I tried to remember all my friends I have had and have throughout my life. The list grew bigger and bigger. So I started to put them in an order in a meaningful and in some completley strange ways. I have to admit: It tells more about myself than about my friends. So here are some ideas how you can sort your old, young, new and forgotten friendships – at least on paper. This would be useful for Paris Hilton in her TV show My New BFF. (Post from RT)

Who is my friend?

Who is my friend?

The next financial crises: credit cards

1 Jul
Pocket cards: AA, American Airline

Pocket cards: AA, American Airline

Marry me!

2 Mar

Reasons why running away IS an otpion


10 Feb

The Pioneer Plaque

Schemes and models are visualisations of complex causualities. Try this: Picture human mankind. 1972 Dr. Carl Sagan came up with the Pioneer Plaque for the Pioneer Nasa Misson in order to explain “us” to aliens, if they should catch somehow the spacecraft. What’s on it beside man and woman can be read on Wiki. What would you draw in order to explain human mankind? In the Star Trek novel Federation, a character mentions that humans had shown copies of the plaque to several alien races they encountered, but none had been able to decode it. We are not surprised. However, check out this article on “How to communicate with aliens”.

Relativity summed up

8 Jan
Found on "science made stupid"

Found in "science made stupid"

In the beginning we wanted to write a book with the title “50 models explaining the world”. Then we thought: Hm, too difficult. Let’s do something easier. We did. But now we reconsider doing it with the help of the book science made stupid by Tom Weller. Table of content: relativity for dummies (pic above), evolutionism vs. creationism and pictures in the sky, etc. The HUGO Award Winning Book is a satisfaction for everyone complaining the world is just too complicated.