The Greatest Conspiracy Theories

20 Dec

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2 Responses to “The Greatest Conspiracy Theories”

  1. abandonculture December 21, 2011 at 18:25 #

    “Global warming is a hoax” is not very clear. Few people are disputing the massive temperature fluctuations which have occurred throughout history.

    In fact that is kind of the whole point. The climate has never NOT changed, therefore ‘climate change’ is like ‘ocean wetness’ ….. it is a meaningless phrase at best , and divisive at worst because it implies that a changing climate is somehow unnatural (which is like saying a wet ocean is unnatural). In reality, a static climate would be the exception to the rule and would therefore be unnatural.

    Therefore ‘global warming’ has always occurred – as has ‘global cooling’. In fac the last decade or so the world has been getting cooler after a brief period of warming. But even these are merely cycles within cycles.

    I suggest you look at the roots of the whole environmental movement and see how a radical and grass roots movement was hijacked in the early 1990’s by a bunch of bankers and globalists and their minions (people like Al Gore) and later by big business and even celebs. Nobody wants a destroyed environment, therefore anything vaguely ‘green’ will always have 100% public support guaranteed. You tell me who’s NOT going to be interested in hijacking such guaranteed support for their own agendas, hmmmm?

    Since 1990 a broad range of massive environmental issues has been gradually dumbed down and ‘streamlined’ until only one issue remains: CO2 and ‘man made global warming’ AKA ‘climate change’ AKA ‘climate disruption’ (as it is now known probably because the globe stopped warming a decade ago). And with this single issue comes the following concepts:

    1. a tax on the public and on all economic activity (to be passed on to the consumer in the end).
    2. global governance with a global environmental bank (already set up by the Rothschilds). A centralised fascist / communist government of the world run by bankers!
    3. Global (environmental) law – to be enforced by said global government. The laws will govern everything from industry to the minutiae of daily life (how you insulate your home, how much hot water you use etc).
    4. More big brother / big sister intrusions into our lives such a ‘smart meters’ which are to be connected to the internet and will talk to all household appliances (wifi etc) and thus be able to report back everything about our lives (when we are at home, how many people live in the house, what we eat, perhaps even recording conversations too etc)
    5. Limitations of the amount of energy we use through ‘green’ taxes (already electricity bills are 10% or more higher due to green taxes designed to stop CO2 emissions despite the fact that the earth has been cooling for a decade and tens of thousands of old people die of cold each winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes adequately). Other limitations are due to be imposed by ‘smart meters’ which it has already been stated will eventually be capable of disabling your appliances at ‘peak times’ making the ‘grid’ more efficient – especially important now we are switching to wind power (don’t get me started on that!) which will result in a far less efficient and consistent power supply. And so when the wind is too slow (or too fast) your washing machine will simply not work!
    6. A general lowering of your living standards, lack of privacy and control over your own life with society being run more like an intensive high tech farm with a bunch of bankers in charge acting as our farmers (even more so than they do already). A kind of high tech Orwellian new age feudalism with environmentalism as the new godless religion (already being indoctrinated into kids in alarming ways in schools). But it isn’t genuine environmentalism. There is no mention of the practices of Big Agra who are destroying the ecosystem, the soil, biodiversity, and even DNA itself! No mention of the illegal wars which are turning the middle east into a depleted uranium death zone, poisoning the land and causing birth defects for decades – perhaps even centuries to come. No mention of the ‘old fashioned’ concerns such as pollution, toxic waste, heavy metals (don’t talk about Al Gore’s zinc mines!). No mention of Big Oil recklessly drilling in deep oceans with no backup plans having accidents and spilling oil into our oceans every couple of years etc etc.

    The ONLY ‘green’ concern being preached is about a natural gas which plants thrive on, a natural gas which does NOT drive temperature changes (it is driven BY temperature changes), a natural gas which forms the very basis of life on planet earth…… but a gas which can be taxed by an elite few and used as a justification for their own hideous global agendas of human control.

    CO2 is a euphemism for human prosperity and freedom itself.It is a way to demonise freedom and wealth and prosperity in the hands of the public. Kids are being taught in schools to hate their parents for being so selfish as to live in a developed, prosperous and relitively free society. Kids are being brainwashed into WANTING to live with strict controls over their lives, no cars, no adequate lighting, no travel abroad, no privacy, food rationing, centralised authoritarian control over all activities. This is the planned rejection of family and embrace of the state which Huxley wrote about. (Huxley being, of course, a member of the Fabian Society who are a big globalist agenda think tank).

    CO2 is to be the new ‘sin’ and Carbon Taxes are to be the new ‘penance’. Al Gore and government loyal scientists are to be the new ‘priestly class’ telling us how we need to live our lives in order to avert ‘wrath from the heavens’ in the form of a hurricane or flash floods. It’s no different to any other religion of control! ‘Man made gloabal warming’ is certainly no more scientific than Christianity – that’s for sure. Look how many people pay money to their churches (billions annually) and look at the vast wealth these religions enjoy. CO2 penance is no different, and if the next generations are taught it from an early enough age they will never question it, just as people never questioned Christianity (or whatever religion) for centuries.

    Once they have convinced us to accept (or even demand) a tax on CO2 (and after a couple of generations such a thing will be seen as normal as a tax on our earnings!), then they will create more taxes. Oxygen, perhaps? Why not? What’s the difference?

    Why don’t you make some nice graphs about some of these issues? 🙂

    As for 9/11……… I see you have forgotten to include the official government conspiracy theory regarding the event (or perhaps it is too far off the chart to be visible).

    Instead you seem to have categorised the people who question or challenge that official conspiracy theory as ……. conspiracy theorists.

    This is what George Orwell called ‘double think’.

  2. Shauna Kramer January 19, 2012 at 05:48 #

    I don’t so much believe in conspiracy theories, but if i bring that movie in on Monday then no learning for me in English class. 🙂

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