The Decision Book

23 Sep

We are happy: January 2011, the English edition of our book “50 Erfolgsmodelle” will be in stores:
“A smart, fun, bestselling guide to making the right choices”.
The Decision Book – Fifty models for strategic thinking. Profile Books, Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschäppeler

The press release says: “Most of us face the same questions every day: What do I want? And how can I get it? How can I live more happily and work more efficiently?
A European bestseller, The Decision Book distils into a single volume the fifty best decision-makingmodels used on MBA courses and elsewhere that will help you tackle these important questions – from the well known (the Eisenhower matrix for time management) to the less familiar but equally useful (the Swiss Cheese model). It will even show you how to remember everything you’ll have learned by the end of it.
Stylish and compact, this little book is more powerful than it might look. Whether you need to plan a presentation, assess someone’s business idea or get to know yourself better, this unique guide will help you simplify any problem and take steps towards the right decision.”

224pp with illustrations, A format hardback, ISBN: 978 1 84668 395 4, e-ISBN : 978 1 84765 446 5, Business/Management, January 2011

2 Responses to “The Decision Book”

  1. Lynne Cazaly February 25, 2011 at 01:29 #

    I’ve just received a review copy of this book in Australia and already I’m captivated! Lots of visual images, charts, quick summaries and explanations. It will be a great reference when I’m planning facilitation sessions with businesses and organisations – and the visual approach works for me and the type of visual thinking work I’m doing with clients. Three cheers!


  1. Les Idées Jaunes » Blog Archive » « The Decision Book » de M. Krogerus et R. Tschäppeler - Les carnets de Mark Raison, consultant et facilitateur en créativité chez Yellow Ideas - May 22, 2011

    […] du petit monde de Milgram, la Simulation de Monte Carlo et le Dilemme du Prisonnier. Et surtout ils nous font découvrir de nouvelles approches et redécouvrir des stratégies […]

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