Star Wars

12 Jun

So who’s the best? Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Arjen Robben – or Fernando Torres? Here’s a little tool to help you name the best football player in the world during the upcoming World Cup. In this model we’ve listed 9 of our favourite players. They’re all really good. But who is the best?

One axis shows the so called Castrol-Index. It shows statistically how much a player helped his team to score a goal. At the end of every game each player gets a score between 1 and 10, 10 being the best. The x-axis shows what the odds are to win the World Cup. The size of the players name in the graph indicates their market value (e.g. Messi 80 Mio. €, Derdiok 9 Mio. € etc.). More nice-to-know stuff:

(This was written on 11 Juni, we still hope, Drogba and Robben (and Frei) will make the World Cup.)

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