What’s the best and what’s the right idea?

26 Feb

Best vs. Right Idea

If your idea is neither groundbraking nor lucrative, it’s not an idea. Ideas who appear to be very lucrative are often copies of exisiting, lucrative ideas. Take Motorola’s 1996 „StarTAC“ clam-shell. How did everyone in the market react? They copied this idea, even Nokia did. Ideas that seem far out are what we often call „the best idea“. Ideas you fall in love with. When studying with the Kaospilots (www.kaospilot.dk) we were given the task to re-brand the danish City of Aarhus. The City is known as the City of Women (they have the only exisiting Women Museum, their girls are known as the most beautiful in the whole of Denmark etc) Our idea: in Europe all pedestrian traffic lights have small green/red men to indicate WALK/NOT WALK. We wanted to exchange the men with green/red women. Aarhus said: great, but too expensive. So what is an exemple for „the right idea“? An idea that is lucrative for the market and groundbreaking? Like Radiohead’s idea to give away their latest album „Rainbow“ for whatever you are willing to pay. They ended up with more money than they would have earned selling the CD in stores.

2 Responses to “What’s the best and what’s the right idea?”

  1. Anna Lena March 1, 2010 at 11:27 #

    Traffic light ladies would have been nice indeed! Especially because Danes actually stop and wait for the green light so they’d have time to notice the change 😉

    Nice blog by the way, it’s fun to read. Talked to Gry from Team 7 the other day. Told me that if I get in touch with you guys I should say hi.

    • Roman March 1, 2010 at 11:40 #

      So we say hey! too. Thanks for your comment and hils Gry fra Roman

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