The action speaks louder than words?

31 Jul

Action speaks louder than words?

True? Neither do we like people who simply are talking about what they could do nor do we like people that are too actionoriented. Again: It’s all about the balance of thinking, speaking, doing (and of course we dislike people demanding this balance). However Martin Hilb describes the role of employees within a company in his book Integriertes Personal-Management (Luchterhand) and speaks about human co-entrepreneurs as employees with „a cool head, a warm heart and working hands“.

  • rare bird/fish: develops only visions without action = illusions
  • inner resignation: people without any ambition (work-to-rule)
  • grey mouse: works furiously without knowing why
  • human co-entrepreneur: high social competence, high responsability in decision-making and high organizational skills.

One Response to “The action speaks louder than words?”

  1. Hamlet July 31, 2009 at 10:36 #

    Die grauen Mäuse fahren nicht in roten Cabrios durch die Welt. Graue Mäuse besitzen einen Mercedes und einen kleineren Zweitwagen für die Frau. So beschreibt Peter Noll (Der kleine Machiavelli) die Inhaber der höchsten Managerstellen in Grosskonzernen. Komformitätszwang, puritanischer Lebensstil und jeglicher Mangel an Inspiration. Der Engländer sagt dazu: \"Just right\".

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