Art Reception

15 Mar

What intentation has the artist?

In arts you find artist, a piece of work and yourself as the observer. A not very fancy but vintage approach comes from Saalfeld (sorry, we did not find him on Wiki…). But we found his target model in a encyclopedia of psychology. It’s about how we and the artist perceive his assumed masterpiece. You can’t barley read the target, so here it is (from inside out):

  1. Arts of contentless banality (not art)
  2. Arts of timeless comprehensibility (well, has been art)
  3. Arts like “I get it, but still not really ” (art in no historical context yet, no objective measurement for its quality)
  4. Arts that is accessible for experts and the artist (because I don’t understand it, it must be art)
  5. Arts only accessible to artist (very fancy art)

We miss the time aspect. “Scrap” can become a masterpiece and the other way around.

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