Restart From Scratch

2 Mar

Starting from scratch to be innovative?

Starting from scratch to be innovative?

We found this model at a lecture by Martin Kupp, the brilliant member of the faculty of the EMST (European School of Management and Technology). Don’t be put off by the complexity of the model’s layout. It works! Likes this: Most consumers expect more and more from technic devices. That’s why industries incrementally improve products like computers. What does that mean: they use a lot of research and development but the improvements are marginally. That’s expensive. Low profit margin. Small room for innovations. So sometimes you have to do something different to find something different. When Apple introduced the Apple II, it’s perfomance was ridiculously bad compared to IBM-Computers. Apple II-performance was lower than what consumer expected. Why did they still do it? They could grow easily from there on: because it is easier to grow from 0 to 10 than from 10 to 11.

One Response to “Restart From Scratch”

  1. Martin Kupp March 3, 2009 at 07:34 #

    Dear Roman,

    thank you for quoting me with this model. The model was created by Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School and you can find a lot of examples and data in his articles in HBR and in his book “the innovators dilemma” and “seeing what’s next”.


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