Risk and Motivation

11 Dec


Atkinson claimed 1957: If one can choose the grade of complexity (difficulty) of a task individually and independently most of the decisions are taken in a mid-complexity-level. Too easy tasks or too difficult tasks can neither provoke a strong feeling of satisfaction nor a strong disappointment. Or the other way round: Highly motivated people often choose a realistic complexity of tasks whereas low motivated people choose tasks that are finally to easy or too difficult for them. Then Atkinson continued his studies with something, but we wanna have our afterwork beer and discuss our  new business idea for Web 3.0. Which we gonna start tomorrow. And be a millionaire in 2 days…

One Response to “Risk and Motivation”

  1. Alexander Dill December 13, 2008 at 08:33 #

    Funny to watch, that US-success theories from the 1940s still perform in Switzerland. Although the Swiss never needed any success training or success religion – they WERE successful at any time – they can allow themselves to promote such poor me-mones-too-training-methods without falling in bankrupcy.
    But I wouldn\'t recommend it to other people than Swiss, who can afford themselves mediocre thinking in terms of \"How to make it\". :-)
    Don\'t be angry about this comment. It\'s a compliment to Switzerland.
    Compliment also for the FAZ ad!

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